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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Arts Benicia Mosaic Project

Hey All...

Arts Benicia is doing a cool new thing for Open Studios this year.  Lots of folks took a 6"x6" tile and did some art on it, then they will all be hung together on a wall in the gallery starting this Thursday, April 14th.  Everyone will then have an option to purchase a tile for $20.  You just don't know which one you will get.  On May 1st, at the close of Open Studios weekend, numbers will be drawn and the buyers will take home their tile.  Great way to get a sweet little piece of art at a low cost!  Some rather well-known local artists have contributed tiles, too.  Come see it on the wall, and maybe buy a square!

Jose, stopping to smell the flowers

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  1. How healthy to be involved in the arts community in your area. I think expressing ourselves artistically can add joy and debth to our lives. I hope that your blog and your art will inspire others to reach out and experience what you have.