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Saturday, January 30, 2016

King Tide

I love this little drawing.  It is very small.  It was inspired by a picture a friend of mine took along the Benicia waterline after a king tide.
Arts Benicia 2015 Auction Donation

Mike Kendall...the mayor of the Benicia aresenal!  I was proud that this donation was purchased by a reputable local collector.  Mike was so happy I chose him to draw!  I might have to do a different local artist each year from now on!
Oil Pastels

This past year, I started teaching adult classes using oil pastels.  These are some of the samples I made with my students.  I have been really enjoying getting more into this medium!

A Student Project

I like to show off the work of my middle school kids sometimes!  Last year, they proudly reproduced, with a grid enlarging method, this image of Disney princesses.  We are actually working on two new ones now.  I said no more princesses!  We did a similar one to this the year before!

Some Commissions from 2015

I have been behind on my posts!  Here are a few commissions from this last year.  Again, when it's a commission, there is little personal interpretation.  I think I made the clients happy!

Bryan.  Sadly, Bryan passed away too young.  A friend of his mother's asked me to do this drawing for her.

Each year, I donate something to the BMS auction.  This year, it was a caricature of friends.  The parents of one of these girls purchased it.  They loved it!

This portrait was purchased by one of my students who wanted to give her parents a special anniversary gift.  I was honored to work for one of my kids!  And impressed that she wanted to spend her money on art for her parents!

This one is also from a school auction, but from a couple of years ago.  It was purchased by students as well!  These girls rode horses and wanted a portrait of their favorite horse.  The position is their choice. Again, honored when kids want to spend their money on art!