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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ezri Turns One!

Just got back from Paso Robles and the celebration of the birth one year ago of the beautiful Ezri Bay Karp.  Love that kid, love her parents, their parents, all the brothers and sisters....you get the point!  Fun time!  This crab drawing was her present.  When her parents finally get around to decorating her room, they say she will have an ocean theme.  I was NOT hoping she would get crabs, as her sarcastic grandpa Ron suggested!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sue Hutch's Fine Baxter

A most amazing woman, Susan Hutchinson, just retired this month, June 2011.  I could go on and on, but mostly, I am so thankful she became part of my life because she hired me to be the art teacher at BMS.  My life changed after that. 

Thanks, Sue, for trusting me.  Here is your Baxter.  You already know this drawing is your gift, as it is already in your hands. 

Hey....and happy wedding, too!  Congrats to you and Harley!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Wine Labels Created for Arts Benicia's Label Competition

Yep...Arts Benicia will be selling wine soon, and they have invited artists to contribute their designs for possible use as labels.  None have been chosen yet. So I used my Jose picture and made him a girlfriend with Frida...but Frida is a lush.  Just look at her expression!  Frida represents the cabernet.

My sister recently helped rescue a sea lion in southern California, so I called my white label Clara after the rescued little girl.  However, she has been transplanted up to the Carquinez Straits!

The names I did not create, but came almost as a joke out of a forum of AB people trying to name an upcoming show.  "Tabula Rasa" had pretty much been agreed upon, but many thought it was too obscure.  So now our wines will be Tabula Rosa and Tabula Blanca, but only a few people will know the inside story!