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Friday, December 16, 2011

Kitty, the Newest Commission

So this is Kitty...the name that people with commitment issues give to their cats!  Teasing you, Reuben!  Thanks for trusting me with this special birthday gift for Nes! I totally forgot to get a nice picture, and this is just with my incredibly average cell phone.  

Monday, December 12, 2011

Wine is Now Available for Purchase!

Arts Benicia now has our wine for sale featuring labels by 4 selected artists.  Recall I was selected for one of the reds.  Go to www.torchlightcellars.com/artsbenicia for more information!  If you are local, you can order online and pick it up in Napa!

Scroll down to an older post to see the label.

Annual Christmas Card 2011

Here is the design for this year's holiday card!  I should have posted it much earlier so those of you who wanted to buy some could have preordered.  Sorry!  I will get better at this!  My newest little kitty Frida is featured in this drawing.

Gems Exhibit at Arts Benicia

Arts Benicia has their current show of small works running now called "Gems."  The show runs until December 18, 2011.  There are many wonderful, affordable pieces.  For my part, I have two new pieces on view.  Go to www.artsbenicia.org for gallery hours!

Arcata 2

El Bosque

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Arcata 1 Will be Auctioned Off December 9th

Falkirk’s 100
              100 Fine Artists
           100 Small Artworks
Auction Preview Exhibit
and silent bidding begins
Nov. 19th – Dec. 9 th
Weekdays, 1-5pm; Saturday, 10am-1pm

Silent Art Auction

Friday, December 9th
                5:00 to 8:00 pm

Admission $15-20 by donation at the door

This Silent Art Auction will focus on “Falkirk’s 100” – one hundred artists who have exhibited at Falkirk, and whose work is particularly strong.
Auction proceeds will benefit Falkirk, and ensure that the galleries remain open and thriving
Artworks will be small and affordable!

A Gift for Falkirk
A Gift for a Friend

Arcata 1 is the first of what I think will be a new run of pieces incorporating both graphite and colored pencil.  I love the play of space, color and texture in this one.  The border is still manipulated, as I like to do when I can.  It came from a photo I took while on a visit to Arcata, California this past summer.

4 Artists 1 Place

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Anak Anak

Meet more children from Lombok, Indonesia.  During my time there, I came across so many beautiful children.  I was always amazed by the simplicity of their lives.  These three didn't pose...they just go through life near each other, and taking care of each other. I don't even know if they were brothers and sister, but their understanding of togetherness and support don't require blood.  It just wouldn't make any difference.

Oh...and "anak" means "child" in Indonesian.  In typical simple fashion, if you want to say "children", you just multiply the word and say it twice!

This piece will also be featured at Piccolo/Shirocos in November.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

La Madera

I have a lot of drawings in my head...and I love things related to water.  That is part one.  Part two is that a couple years back, I played with the idea of abstract art by drawing a bee extremely close up for the Bees at the Bee show in Sacramento.  The focus was on color and composition. I like that idea.

So I think water reflections are prime for abstract images, and that is what La Madera is. Why call a water shot "Wood"?  Because the main dark section running through the center is a wooden pier. 

This piece was done because I wanted to do it, but I will also be featured starting November 4th at the upcoming "4 Artists 1 Space" show at Piccolo/Shiroco's.  I wanted to do an abstract piece for this show. The bee will also be there!

Come by and see the art there in November!  Karen Hatzi from BMS will also be featured, along with a couple of other folks I haven't met yet.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cute Kids Live in Wigan

It has been since 2008 that I have visited my lovely friends the Steeles in Wigan, England.  When I was there last, it was just Darren, Emma and the young Amelia, a bit over a year I think.  I promised Darren and Emma that I would draw Amelia for them, and finally just got around to it!  I pilfered their facebook photo albums and found this amazingly precious photo when she was probably not quite a year old.  LOVE the expression...it really makes you wonder what was on her mind.

Since my visit, they have also added Oliver to the family.  No drawing of him yet...but I am sure there will be soon!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Kilmainham Gaol, 2008: Evolution of a Drawing

In the summer of 2008, I made a trip to Dublin, Ireland in search of my Irish roots.  My Nan, my grandma on my dad's side, always told me we had Irish in us.  She was from Wigan, England, as is the rest of my family on this side, and no one else agreed with her.  I journeyed around Dublin for a week, searching through pages of old death, birth and wedding certificates but found nothing.

When I headed to Wigan to meet up with my family, my cousin Kathleen helped me search in the local ancestry library there.  Joyously, we found them!  My great, great, great grandparents came to England at the age of 17 and married in Manchester Cathedral!

Anyway, while in Ireland, I did some touring.  I visited Kilmainham Gaol for one, and was fascinated by the history and the feeling of the place.  This is my first piece from what I hope to be a small series of drawings of the gaol. I love the way a drawing comes alive in its various stages, so chose to show that here.

Dougle the Dog

I was needing more samples of dog drawings for promoting the portrait aspect of my work, and this pic of my cousin Gaynor's dog Dougle has always grabbed me.  Dougle lives in Wigan, England, and is the love of his mommy's life!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Recent Summer Work

So the summer came and went, and school starts tomorrow.  I am excited to meet all the new kids...many have stopped by already for a hug and a chat.  Can't beat that.  But I did complete a couple of pieces amidst the hectic summer comings and goings.

The first one is called "La Cena", or The Dinner, drawn from a photo I took years ago in Lombok (an island in Indonesia).  This little girl was sent alone to fetch the fish for the family dinner.  Such a simple life.  I always wondered where she got that big, lacy shirt...maybe from a tourist?  It was meant for her.

The next one is titled "Manos con Anillo", or Hands with Ring.  The age of the person shows a long life, and the Claddaugh ring symbolizes that life filled with friendship, loyalty and love.  I went to Ireland a couple of years ago researching my heritage, and found it.  There will be more to come on the Irish theme!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Frida Kitty is Chosen to be on a Wine Label for Arts Benicia!!!

Wowee!  My kitty drawing was chosen (one of four total selected) to be on Arts Benicia's first run of wine from Torchlight Cellars!  Must be her alluring eyes.  I am really excited!  I will post more soon about when the wine will be available for purchase.  It will be possible to buy it online and have it shipped to your house.  Congrats to the other artists as well, although I am not sure who they are....just Freddy Camargo and myself is all I know for now. 

To see all the labels entered, go to www.beniciapatch.com.  Type Arts Benicia wine labels in the search bar, and you can see all 55.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ezri Turns One!

Just got back from Paso Robles and the celebration of the birth one year ago of the beautiful Ezri Bay Karp.  Love that kid, love her parents, their parents, all the brothers and sisters....you get the point!  Fun time!  This crab drawing was her present.  When her parents finally get around to decorating her room, they say she will have an ocean theme.  I was NOT hoping she would get crabs, as her sarcastic grandpa Ron suggested!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sue Hutch's Fine Baxter

A most amazing woman, Susan Hutchinson, just retired this month, June 2011.  I could go on and on, but mostly, I am so thankful she became part of my life because she hired me to be the art teacher at BMS.  My life changed after that. 

Thanks, Sue, for trusting me.  Here is your Baxter.  You already know this drawing is your gift, as it is already in your hands. 

Hey....and happy wedding, too!  Congrats to you and Harley!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Wine Labels Created for Arts Benicia's Label Competition

Yep...Arts Benicia will be selling wine soon, and they have invited artists to contribute their designs for possible use as labels.  None have been chosen yet. So I used my Jose picture and made him a girlfriend with Frida...but Frida is a lush.  Just look at her expression!  Frida represents the cabernet.

My sister recently helped rescue a sea lion in southern California, so I called my white label Clara after the rescued little girl.  However, she has been transplanted up to the Carquinez Straits!

The names I did not create, but came almost as a joke out of a forum of AB people trying to name an upcoming show.  "Tabula Rasa" had pretty much been agreed upon, but many thought it was too obscure.  So now our wines will be Tabula Rosa and Tabula Blanca, but only a few people will know the inside story!

Monday, May 16, 2011

BEF Piggies to be Auctioned Off this Friday Night!

The pigs are ending their city-wide parade, and are back in the window at Art Centric.  This Friday night, at 7:00 p.m. at Art Centric, the final auction of the pigs will take place.  Bids can be made at any time all this week.  All proceeds from the pig auction will go to BEF, which in turn benefits our kids. 

The pigs were donated by Art Centric, then created by local area artists and student artists from the school district.

Here is my Frida Pig, representing my favorite artist, Frida Kahlo!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pico and Lola

Pico and Lola are my first commission completely from advertising...someone saw my brochure at Aardvark's here in Vallejo!  Perry had me draw these two beloved pups for his sister.  Pico, the chihuahua, had passed away already.  Lola, the larger dog, is still part of their family.  What a nice brother to do this for his sister!  This is a family who loves their pets more than each other, I think!  Well, that was according to Perry!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Arts Benicia Wins and Chief Lives!

Way back in the fall, a lovely man named Alex purchased my portrait service at the Arts Benicia Auction.  Well, we finally got it together and here is Chief, Alex's beloved dog who passed away some time ago.  I know this means a lot to him...hope I did Chief justice!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Arts Benicia Mosaic Project

Hey All...

Arts Benicia is doing a cool new thing for Open Studios this year.  Lots of folks took a 6"x6" tile and did some art on it, then they will all be hung together on a wall in the gallery starting this Thursday, April 14th.  Everyone will then have an option to purchase a tile for $20.  You just don't know which one you will get.  On May 1st, at the close of Open Studios weekend, numbers will be drawn and the buyers will take home their tile.  Great way to get a sweet little piece of art at a low cost!  Some rather well-known local artists have contributed tiles, too.  Come see it on the wall, and maybe buy a square!

Jose, stopping to smell the flowers

Friday, March 18, 2011

Falkirk 2011 Annual Juried Exhibition Details

Hey All!

Come by and see this show!  The venue is gorgeous, so come for that, too! 

Runs March 25-May 28
Opening Reception is March 25, 5:30-7:30

Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday, February 25, 2011

Latest piece to be accepted into a gallery show!

Many years ago, I had a great adventure living in Bali for about a year.  I helped to start a local losman business and developed a wonderful Balinese family.  As part of a series I am developing related to my travels, I drew Ni Wayan, my business partner's grandmother.  This piece was just accepted to be shown in the Falkirk Juried Show in San Rafael. 

The opening reception is March 25th, 5:30-7:30, but the show runs through May 28th.

Also entered but not accepted was Bayi Wayan, Ni Wayan's great grandson.  He grew to be 18 years old, then died recently in a motorcyle accident in Bali. This drawing came from a favorite photo I took just after Bayi Wayan had his head shaved as part of a special ceremony.

Cesar....the latest commission!

Meet Cesar...done for Angela.  It is Angela's and her husband's anniversary soon, and she wanted a special gift.  She had me draw his beloved dog Cesar...who now lives in doggy heaven.  I hope her husband loves it!