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Saturday, October 22, 2011

La Madera

I have a lot of drawings in my head...and I love things related to water.  That is part one.  Part two is that a couple years back, I played with the idea of abstract art by drawing a bee extremely close up for the Bees at the Bee show in Sacramento.  The focus was on color and composition. I like that idea.

So I think water reflections are prime for abstract images, and that is what La Madera is. Why call a water shot "Wood"?  Because the main dark section running through the center is a wooden pier. 

This piece was done because I wanted to do it, but I will also be featured starting November 4th at the upcoming "4 Artists 1 Space" show at Piccolo/Shiroco's.  I wanted to do an abstract piece for this show. The bee will also be there!

Come by and see the art there in November!  Karen Hatzi from BMS will also be featured, along with a couple of other folks I haven't met yet.

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