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Friday, January 7, 2011

Pet and People Portraits

When I draw at school, I get the biggest "oooo's" and "ahhhh's" from the kids when I draw animals and people.  Kids really do know everything, you know. When I do commissions, I love to hear the reactions to the art.  It is usually pure and childlike...quick and instinctive. 

Besides the fact that I love to draw, these reactions make it worthwhile.  Here are a couple of commissions I just did for others to give as Christmas presents. 

The baby is young Parker Schooley at 4 months.  I also drew his mommy when she was pregnant with him as a shower gift from photos taken by a fellow teacher, Yvette Brown.  This drawing of Parker was a gift from Parker's mom to his dad.  Megan told me, "He absolutely LOVED it!!! He went nuts and said that you are an incredibly talented artist (duh, we all knew tht already!). =) Thanks again!!"

The group drawing was commissioned by young Griffin  and Paris Russell for their mom.  In this drawing, we see Nicole (Griffin and Paris's mom) as a young girl, her brother, her mother (since passed away) and her grandmother. Griffin emailed me the day after Christmas and said, "My mom loved her present sooooo much.  She literally hugged me like 15 times."


  1. Pat
    I saw this drawing before your blog but had no idea that it was Nicole as a girl. I am crying now knowing it's her and knowing that Griffin made this happen with your talent.

    What a cherished gift!

  2. Peggy, it was the most emotional drawing I have done. I wanted to tell everyone who it was, but didn't want to take any chance at spoiling Griffin's surprise. Sooo cool of the kids to do this, and as an artist, I was blown away by the fact that kids can value art enough to commission and gift it, and that this particular child chose me to be his first artist! xxoo back at ya!