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Friday, January 7, 2011

The Start of Commission Work

So once I had some confidence, I offered myself for commission work.  My first piece was for Jes, my friend Tommy's sister.  It is of a friend of hers.  Jes lives in Louisiana, so it was all done through email and snail mail.

For Jes

Next, Tommy's neighbors Jay and Star wanted a gift for Jay's parents.  This was from a favorite cruise picture they took.  I have since met Jay's folks and they are as happy as they look in the picture!
For Jay and Star

Next, the then chair of the Arts Benicia board, Gene, asked me to do his folks.  I was honored to be asked to do work for Gene who is a collector of art.

For Gene

Gene's partner, Dan, also asked me to do his folks.  Again, honored, especially since Dan's mom was sick with cancer.  He went to see her, bringing the drawing as a gift, and she died within days.  Dan wanted his dad to have this drawing for his dad, since it was from a favorite photo they always wanted to have blown up, but Dan had made into a drawing instead.  Cool.

For Dan

Next, my friend Dennis C. asked me to do three different dogs as gifts for friends....a very generous thing to do.  I did two for him to give his friend Boz, then one for his buddy Mike.  Mike's dog, Roxy, had passed away and was much missed.

For Boz

Roxy, for Mike

Mike loved the drawing of Roxy, and Dennis C. shared this with me.  "Mike got choked up when I gave the picture to him, and today he said to tell you that you really captured her.  He said that is the look she always gave him when she wanted to go for a walk or have a treat. She has a little smile on her face.  He was truly touched and loved it."

So later, Mike commissioned me to draw his other dog who had also passed away, Rory.  Again, honored. Mike shared, "Pat - I received the drawing of Rory.  Spectacular!  Just like I thought! Thanks so much.  I'll recommend you to other people...you really are good."

I gotta say, it feels dang good to get this sort of feedback! 


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