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Friday, January 7, 2011

Submitting to Gallery Shows

As I was considering offering my work for commissions, I also started submitting to gallery shows.  Wow, scary.  Kind of like it must feel the first time a singer hits a stage for an audience.  What if I stink and my fellow artists mock me?  What if we weren't really "fellows" and I was just a hack, and they were the artists?  Well, I had to just do it.  No other way to know if I fit in other than to try and fit in.  So I put work in Arts Benicia's Art of a Community show in January, 2010.  The piece didn't sell, but I didn't audibly hear anyone laughing.  There it was, my piece, on a wall, in a gallery.  Wow. 

I drew an ocean-themed picture I just loved that Dennis's daughter Trista took in Hawaii.  I love Spanish, so titled it "Tortuga."

I wanted the turtle to look like it was coming out of the page.  This started a technique I am still using often, where the subject escapes its borders

My next piece is "Pelicano" drawn from a great picture my sister Barb took. It was on the wall at a show called H20 at Sebastopol Center for the Arts in July of 2010.  No one bought it, but there I was again, this time at a juried show where no one knew me, on a wall, like real art.

I drew two other pieces for this show, but they were not accepted.

Ola Caida

Leones del Mar

I will have these two pieces in the upcoming Art of a Community show, January-February 2011 at Arts Benicia.  I still really love them.  I wanna be where that wave is! The bubbles are Trista's again. The palm trees are from a photo I took on the big island in Hawaii, and my sister inspired the sea lion section.

This past year, I also had two pieces in the "Bees at the Bee" show in Sacramento.



Then this fall, in November and December, I had a couple of pieces in my second juried show, "small works", at Arts Benicia.

El Buho Con Ojos de Color

El Gato en la Ciudad

The cat came from a photo my cousin Jocelyn took when on a trip to Greece.  Thanks, Jocelyn!

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